We're celebrating 85 years since George Henry Bass created the iconic Penny Loafer. In 1936 Bass first became aware of European interest in a Norwegian Moccasin type slipper and adapted them for the leisure classes in America, playfully dubbing them 'Weejuns', the original and first penny loafer has stood the test of time, being adopted by countless subcultures since.


A penny for your loafer, some colour for your sole

To mark the 85th anniversary of this icon of style’s first construction in 1936, G.H.BASS is bringing the story behind the penny loafer to life with a commemorative coin designed by London-based lettering artist and sign painter, Ged Palmer. A playful nod to the Ivy League students who tucked a coin for the payphone in the front slot of their Weejuns - giving birth to the legend of the penny loafer


Stepping out in weejuns

Anniversary celebrations continue with a photo series of Weejuns ambassadors lensed by photographer Alex Natt, in an exploration of the interesting characters who make Weejuns part of their daily uniform. Portraits of individuals from the world of arts, culture and fashion will sit alongside conversations of how the iconic Weejuns penny loafer informs their personal style.

Now it's your turn

Legend has it the penny loafer got its name when Ivy League students began tucking a coin for the payphone in the front slot of their Weejuns.  Now it’s your turn. 

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