Chunky loafers for women 

Handmade in El Salvador from a wine-shade moc leather, our women’s chunky loafers are a lightweight shoe that provides incredible comfort in rugged terrains and is easily dressed up or down. Chunky loafers are designed to be hard-wearing and sturdy, ideal for winter weather, but they’re also a statement piece that can easily become the main attraction of any outfit. At G.H.BASS, we offer a wide variety of chunky loafers for women, including standard chunky loafers, chunky slides, chunky tassel loafers and an assortment of different colours, from black to white and even leopard print


How to style chunky loafers for women 

Chunky loafers are an incredibly versatile choice for any woman wanting to create a stand-out, stylish look. Pair them with mini skirts, jeans, leather trousers or even jumper dresses. Try them with or without socks to find your ideal chunky loafer look. Whether it’s for work or play, the chunky loafer is a game changing piece of footwear. 


Where to buy womens chunky loafers 

G.H.BASS is a specialist in womens chunky loafers, with over 100 years’ of experience in crafting the perfect shoe. In the UK, you can buy our womens chunky loafers directly from us online or visit our EU website if you live elsewhere in Europe.