Making the Right Pick

Which Penny Loafer is Right for you?

We often get questions about our penny loafer shoes.
People invariably want to know the differences between our various models and
buy something that really suits their needs. G.H.BASS is fully committed to providing quality designer shoes. Here, we guide you through how to find the perfect penny loafer from our footwear selection.

Classic Penny Loafer

The classic penny loafer from G.H.BASS is an iconic,stylish shoe that is hand- stitched and made using our tubular moccasin construction technique. The process sees a single piece of leather wrapped around a mould. This creates a hammock effect, with the leather gently holding the shape that has been created and fitting snugly around the foot. We also add additional internal dual density foam cushioning for extra levels of comfort. The classic penny loafer comes with a leather sole which can be resoled without losing profile, although these shoes cannot get wet.


Easy Weejuns

Easy Weejuns are made using the tubular moccasin
construction technique, which features across all our penny loafer lines. Easy Weejuns include a small internal spring cushioning that sits beneath the ball of the foot. They also have energy release pads for extra comfort, and include a rubber sole that is the same thickness as leather sole penny loafers. They are more water resistant and versatile than the classic penny loafer. Though rubber soles cannot be resoled, these shoes still offer several years of wear.

Weejuns 90s

The Weejuns 90s loafer was first introduced to the G.H.BASS collection in 2019 and has quickly become our most versatile loafers. They feature a chunky EVA lug sole, with tubular moccasin construction used for the rest of the shoe. These are incredibly light and comfortable on the feet, with a spongy.
durable sole that also delivers a slight bounce.