Making the Right Pick

Which Penny Loafer is Right for you?

We often get questions about our penny loafer shoes.
People invariably want to know the differences between our various models and
buy something that really suits their needs. G.H.BASS is fully committed to providing quality designer shoes. Here, we guide you through how to find the perfect penny loafer from our footwear selection.

Classic Weejuns

The classic penny loafer from G.H.BASS is an iconic stylish shoe. Hand-stitched using our own tubular moccasin construction technique. This process involves wrapping a single piece of leather around a mould to create a supportive and contoured fit that cradles the foot providing the utmost comfort to the wearer. Providing extra levels of comfort, an internal dual-density foam cushion has been added. The leather sole can be resoled, ensuring long durability without compromising on the sleek profile. Please note that while these shoes offer enduring style, they should be kept dry to maintain their quality.


Easy Weejuns

Easy Weejuns, provide unmatched comfort and versatility. Crafted using our time tested tubular moccasin construction technique. They feature a small internal spring cushioning beneath the ball of the foot that provides a gentle bounce with every step. Energy release pads create extra comfort and are designed to keep you light on your feet. The rubber sole, which matches the thickness of our leather sole, offers enhanced water resistance and durability. While the rubber soles cannot be resoled, Easy Weejuns will provide years of reliable wear.

Weejuns Step

The Weejuns step is crafted with precision and care, featuring an EVA sole sourced from XL Extralight® which uses moulding technology to create a light and durable sole. Defined by an innovative step welt detailing that merges the sole with the loafer for a new elevated profile. A cushioned insole has been inserted for maximum comfort. The rubber sole not only offers exceptional grip and traction but also enhanced water resistance and durability, providing years of reliable wear.


Weejuns 90s

The Weejuns 90s loafer, is a versatile addition to the G.H.BASS collection since its debut in 2019 and is one of our most versatile styles.Showcasing a super lightweight elevated chunky EVA lug sole that offers uniform support throughout the foot. Hand-crafted using our renowned tubular moccasin construction technique, Weejuns 90’s combine style with exceptional comfort. A lightweight choice featuring the remarkable cushioning of a spongy, durable sole. Providing a slight bounce with each step The Weejuns 90s loafer is the epitome of comfort and versatility.

Weejuns Super Lugs

The Super Lug—our chunkiest sole yet. An elevated rugged 7mm chunky rubber sole that offers our most superior durable traction, robust lugs are strategically placed to obtain the optimal grip. Designed with shock absorbent insoles that provide extra-comfort and support. The Super Lug also features reinforced stitching with sturdy construction techniques to ensure that it is a longer-lasting durable choice. Completed with a side label featuring the G.H.BASS signature.