Step 1

Remove dust and dirt with a soft shoe brush. Add a little water to the brush for a second clean. (If you're cleaning polished leather,you can add some
soap to the water).


Step 2

Use the right product for your leather type.

For example, pull-up leather is rich in natural oils so steer clear of leather creams as they can react with the oils and stain. For our polished, moc, pull-up or full-grain leathers,
apply a quality wax polish in the right shade (normally black, tan or neutral) with a clean shoe brush or cloth using small circular motions.

Step 3

Wait. Leave it on for an hour or two, but if you can
longer. When ready, take a buffer brush and buff your Weejuns into a shine using long strokes.


Step 4

Go over your Weejuns one more time with a dry cloth if
you're after a particularly polished shine.