A stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for “loafing in the field”, the Bass Weejuns design has been updated over the decades to capture the spirit of the modern age. However, never have these shoes lost their timeless quality, making Bass Weejuns the preferred men’s loafers for stylish gentlemen everywhere. See for yourself by exploring our iconic collection below.


AN IVY LEAGUE ICON - G.H.BASS BASS WEEJUNS are the original penny loafer. In the late 1930s, students across Ivy League campuses tucked one cent coins for the pay-phone into the loafers’ iconic front slot.


Thus, the ‘penny loafer’ was born and the rest, as they say, is history. Instantly embraced as a classic of the Ivy League ‘relaxed formalwear’ look, BASS WEEJUNS grew in popularity through the 1950s and early 1960s, when Ivy League style took off around the globe. AMERICANA - Presidents, pioneers and Hollywood films stars have all worn G.H.BASS BASS WEEJUNS penny loafers.


Epitomising a preppy-style of American cool, this is the shoe worn by American icons. From JFK to Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly to Paul Newman, Miles Davis to Michael Jackson.


Rooted in the worlds of jazz and modern art - the history of Bass WEEJUNS is the history of America. HANDCRAFTED TRADITIONS - After decades of imitations, G.H.BASS has remained the originator of the penny loafer, still producing moccasin loafers the way they did 80 years ago. Hand sewn, and crafted by a footwear artisan, finished with natural oils and polishes.