When given the attention and care they deserve, a pair of quality loafers will last you years. G.H.BASS loafers are designed with high quality materials, ensuring long lasting durability, but proper care is still important. Here we provide the crucial tips to make your loafers last.

Why G.H.BASS? 

G.H.BASS loafers exemplify quality and craftsmanship. We recognise the importance of your loafers. We use high quality materials and construction methods that offer reliable durability and resilience for everyday wear and tear. 

 G.H.BASS Construction

Protect Your Loafers Against Weather 

Loafers use materials that can be damaged by water. Applying a waterproof or water-resistant spray can help repel moisture and prevent stains, make sure you reach all areas, especially around the welt seam. This will ensure your loafers will last you years.  

Avoid Moisture  

Its best to avoid wearing your loafers in heavy rain, wet conditions or even cleaning them with excess water. If they do get wet, allow them to air naturally at room temperature. Avoid using direct heat like heaters, hairdryers, and radiators as this will damage the leather. 

Try Using Shoe Trees  

Using shoe trees has many benefits. when you're not wearing your loafers a shoe tree will maintain the shape of the loafer and prevent creasing and preserve the structure of your loafers to ensure a longer lifespan. Shoe trees made of cedar wood will neutralise any odours and keep your loafers smelling fresh.  


Store Your Loafers Correctly 

Cool, dry places are best for loafers, keep away from direct sunlight. Avoid putting heavy objects on top of your loafers, as this will cause creases and damage their shape. 

Use Protective Soles 

A rubber sole protector is perfect for shielding against daily use while also providing you with better traction on slippery and uneven surfaces. Essential for urban environments, where concrete, asphalt, and hard surfaces can damage the soles of your loafers. However, our Easy Weejuns and chunky loafers, equipped with super durable rubber soles do not need protective soles. (link in unisex easy weejuns page and Chunky loafers page) 

Clean And Polish Your Loafers Regularly  

If your loafers do get stained, address the stains as soon as possible using appropriate products. Check out our cleaning guide here. (link to cleaning loafers blog) 

 G.H.BASS Cleaning

Travel With Care 

If you're traveling with your loafers, use a shoe bag to protect them from getting scuffed or scratched in your luggage. Stuffing them will also help maintain their shape during travel. 


Use a Trusted Cobbler When It Comes To Resoling. 

Professional resoling with a trusted cobbler will not only extend the life of your loafers but will also ensure that you are consistently comfortable with every wear. Consider having your loafers resoled when you notice signs of wear and tear, like deteriorated heels or thinning soles, which can occur after years of wear.  


Your footwear choice reflects your personal style. G.H.BASS Loafers are timeless, providing unparalleled comfort they represent an embodiment of understated elegance. These tips will allow you to continue enjoying the style and comfort that your favourite G.H.BASS loafers for years.  

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