We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Maharishi. When first approached by Maharishi on creating limited editions of our classic loafer we were immediately taken by their long history as the reputation as one the first British-born street wear brands.

Alongside Maharishi’s core principles of environmentally conscious and long-lasting utilitarian clothing, was its distinctive visual identity, including its iconic DPM camouflage print.

Maharishi's house pattern 'Bonsai Forest' incorporates symbols of peace and nature such as bonsai trees growing from heavenly clouds, as well as the dragon, representing man's spiritual journey and quest for the pearl of wisdom.

This pattern is a key part of the Maharishi camouflage message. Reclaiming disruptive camouflage patterns from the military and reminding us of its peaceful origins in art and nature

Handcrafted in a premium natural leather, the classic Weejuns Penny loafer is adapted with the iconic Maharishi house camouflage DPM: Bonsai Forest using a subtle all-over embossed pattern over the iconic silhouette.

The pattern is also visible in the internal sock of the loafer adding an extra touch of luxury with the embossed Camo print.

The shoes bear the hallmarks of our classic design, crafted in a beautifully smart polished leather and hand-stitched using a tubular moccasin constructions with a clean, smart penny cut out on the bridge.

The limited edition loafers build on our ongoing partnerships with brands steeped in fashion history and street culture like Fred Perry.

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