Fred Perry x G.H. Bass & Co. Loafers Return

When you bring together two icons of the fashion world, the result tends to be something truly special. Introducing G. H. Bass & Co.’s second collaboration with Fred Perry.

A triple Wimbledon champion, Fred Perry launched his fashion brand in the 1950s and the signature laurel wreath has been associated with style and quality ever since.


3 months ago

Mule or Penny? Choosing the perfect loafer for the Summer

When it comes to buying footwear for the summer season, the possibilities are vast. If you want something stylish and sophisticated yet comfortable and simple, G. H. Bass & Co. has a few options in mind.

We love what loafers bring in the summer months. We find they meld beautifully with summer attire for both men and women. They provide that perfect combination of smooth style and ample versatility.


4 months ago

Women’s loafers for the Summer Sun

Summer is coming, and finding that perfect shoe for the season is becoming a priority for many of us.

You want a shoe that aligns with your overall summer aesthetic. But it needs to offer the levels of comfort and grace suitable for summer wear.

4 months ago

The History of the Mule Loafer and why they’re back on trend

Some shoes acquire cult status because of who wears them. Shoes can quickly become synonymous with cult icons, rounding off an eye-catching outfit and completing a look of some standing.

Other shoes acquire such a legacy due to their design. It is their very essence and make up that helps them to stand out from the crowd and become immediately identifiable.


4 months ago

Which penny loafer is right for you?

We often get questions about our penny loafer shoes. People invariably want to know the differences between our various models and buy something that really suits their needs.

G.H. Bass & Co. is fully committed to providing quality designer shoes. Here, we guide you through how to find the perfect penny loafer from our footwear selection.

5 months ago

The All Weather Edit

What defines style? It’s a question with multiple possible answers. Style is often based on specific tastes and preferences, but it’s something that we know we are in the presence of when we encounter it.

We would argue that style is about purveying a continuous high-quality aesthetic. Or, to put things a little bit more simply, looking good in all circumstances.

8 months ago

Why Suede Loafers are a natural fit this autumn

As the weather cools, you might be thinking about a new footwear choice for the autumn season. While the softness and comfort of all the shoes we make and sell at G.H. Bass & Co make them an ideal choice year-round, there is a particular fabric which really shines in the Autumn season.

10 months ago

Last days of Summer

To say the summer has been a strange one would be the ultimate understatement, however for the optimistic among us, summer has remained salvageable.

Much like our friends the photographer Luc Coiffat and the stylist Mathilde Ahlstrom who spent the summer in Stockholm exploring the open fields, coniferous forests, calming waters and moss covered rocky terrains of Fjärdlångs Nature Reserve
11 months ago

Boat Shoes - A History

G.H. Bass & Co. have been pioneers in a host of footwear styles since George Henry Bass set up the brand in 1876, with one defining goal : ‘To make the best possible shoe for the purpose for which it was intended.’
Behind this was the need to design shoes with a sense of utility and purpose. It is what defined the development of our first pioneering style: The Camp Moccasin.
1 year ago

Introducing Fred Perry x G.H. Bass & Co.

Here at G.H. Bass & Co., we love to celebrate the heritage and craftsmanship of fellow long-standing brands in fashion and footwear, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with the iconic fashion brand Fred Perry.

The collaboration was a natural meeting of minds, and an opportunity to explore our shared history in fashion and subcultures.

1 year ago