Style Homme

Style is a hard concept to describe. You could say it is a sense of effortless cool, of visual appeal and of self-confidence.

We specialise in shoes that exude massive amounts of style, with men’s shoes that give any wearer a sophisticated air.

Our diverse range of men’s shoes means you can be sure to find the ideal purchase and addition to your wardrobe.

Our collection spans a range of shoes, from our classic penny loafers to tassel loafers and boat shoes. The latter come in subtle, smooth colour combinations, offering a preppy and punctual vibe for any wearer.

The majority of our collection are Weejuns – the type of shoe around which G.H.BASS built its notable legacy. These combine class and culture with eminent wearability and style.

Be sure to take a look too at our Camp Moc III Range Pull Up shoes. These are a robust yet casual men’s shoe that can round off an outfit with aplomb. Be sure to take a look too at our Weejuns 90s and Wallace boots in suede and leather.

Take the time to familiarise yourself with our complete range of men’s shoes available from G.H.BASS Our Bass Weejuns, Boat Shoes and Easy Weejuns are also available from our online store, so find that perfect purchase for you today.

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