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Creating a look is not something one can simply do with no effort. It takes awareness, an acknowledgement of the subtleties of style, and the commitment to looking truly effortless. Knowing your style and developing it over time is something that helps us find and define who we are. A change in style can change the direction of where we are going, and the person we want to come across as being.

Of course, we can only ever be who we are. But a person wearing a pair of G.H.BASS men’s designer shoes is a person who understands the nuance of aesthetics and the strength of true style.

To help our customers find their perfect men’s shoe, the G.H.BASS collections unite types and style of men’s loafers and men’s suede shoe from our eclectic range.

This allows you to zone in on the type of shoe you want, the context in which you will wear it, and access the genteel style of footwear you are seeking with consummate ease.

Wonderful Workwear shoes

There was a time when a three-piece suit was a man’s only real option when it came to workwear. But times have changed, and stylish office wear is now a must for many people. Making that important first impression or purveying a sense of confidence and class can make all the difference in a work setting, so having the right items to engender this is hugely important.

The G.H.BASS workwear collection allows you to find the ideal men’s loafer, brogue, derby or boat shoe to create that perfect vibe. With a selection of designs in different colours and shades, it is easy to find the perfect buy for your work wardrobe.

Sublime Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are a luxurious stylistic classic of the genre, synonymous with comfort and class. A top-quality pair of men’s suede shoes can help take a man’s overall style to new heights.

At G.H.BASS, we have been designing and crafting suede shoes for decades, and our suede shoe collection gives our customers the opportunity to add something truly special to their men’s footwear collection.

Our men’s suede loafers and suede boots are crafted to extraordinarily high standards, with excellent craftsmanship going into every pair we sell.

Cool and Comfortable

Having a pair of shoes that is truly comfortable is not always the easiest thing to find. But at G.H.BASS, we have perfected our processes over generations to allow us to create shoes that deliver true comfort to the wearer.

Our Comfort Edit collection contains men’s designer shoes with padded insoles to help ensure maximum comfort levels are reached on every wear. This allows for these shoes to be worn for an array of purposes and in different settings.

While comfort is key to the shoes in this collection, the style and design are certainly not compromised. These are stunning G.H.BASS designer shoes containing exceptional men’s tassel loafers and men’s brogues.

Monogram – Combining Quality and Style

Quality and style are the perfect combination for men’s shoes of the highest quality. This is what we seek when we search for shoes for men, and finding shoes that tick both boxes is a truly pleasurable feeling.

The G.H.BASS Monogram collection contains designs that are inspired by classic designs but add in a modern twist to bring something new to the table. This stunning collection of men’s designer shoes can help set you apart.

G.H.BASS X Fred Perry

When two monoliths of the men’s fashion world combine to create something together, you know you are witnessing something special.

G.H.BASS and Fred Perry came together to create two adaptations of G.H.BASS classic and iconic leather Weejuns. The result is brave, sophisticated men’s loafers that combine the gentle ease of G.H.BASS style with the edgy and iconic oeuvre Fred Perry is synonymous with.

This collection contains items of truly eye-catching designs, bringing together two fashion stalwarts to create a special collection of note.

Be sure to take the time to browse through all the collections and find your next great buy from G.H.BASS.

Our prized men's suede loafers and boots have been designed for a light, cushioned step, with consistent softness and comfort. All our are treated to hold their shape whether you dress them up or down, making them a relaxed option that you need not break in. Traditionally hand-stitched in El Salvador using the same skills pioneered in 1936, our suede penny loafers are ideal for everyday casual wear, offering a light and versatile option across our complete range of footwear.

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