Fred Perry x G.H.BASS Season Three

When you bring together two icons of the fashion world, the result tends to be something truly special.

Introducing G.H.BASS’s third collaboration with Fred Perry, a longstanding partnership steeped in both brands mutual appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and style including our first womenswear collaboration.





3 months ago

Stepping out in Milan with Giulia Torelli

As the world opens up with the promise of a new freer summer, we followed some of our friends around the world who not only inspire us with their creativity, but make Weejuns part of their daily wardrobes. 

Continuing our series of profiles of friends as they set off on their routines. We enlisted Giulia Torelli, along with friends, Federica Gervasoni and  Andrea Zanburlini to take us on a tour of  Porta Venezia stepping out into the streets of central Milan and stopping for coffee at some of their favourite spots, in a city famed for being not only Italy’s capital of fashion and industry, but also one buzzing with youth and creativity that inspires Giulia, Frederica and Andrea endlessly.

4 months ago

Introducing the Scout Boots

Our modern icon, the Scout boot sets the gold standard in shoemaking and honours the Bass boots that came before.

8 months ago

Weejuns Then & Now - Guest Written by Samuel Trotman

Sam Trotman or Samutaro as he is known to his thousands of followers, is an Instagram archivists as well as a well known writer and cultural scholar who has contributed to magazines such as Vogue, Hypebeast, Grailed, Highsnobiety, PAQ and Complex. In celebration of the 85th Anniversary of our Iconic Weejuns Penny Loafer, We  invited Sam to taker a deep dive into the origins of the shoe worn by subcultures the world over.

11 months ago

Celebrating 85 Years of the Original Penny Loafer

We're celebrating 85 years of an icon of style. In 1936 Bass became aware of European interest in or at Norwegian slipper type moccasin and developed a similar product for the American market. Christened Weejuns it was an instant success that has stood the test of time.

1 year ago

G.H.BASS For Maharishi

Maharishi’s ethos of creating environmentally-conscious and long-lasting utilitarian clothing is coupled with G.H. Bass & Co.’s passion for crafting honest and hardwearing footwear for a subtle camouflage rendition of the iconic Weejuns Penny Loafer.

Handcrafted in a premium natural leather, the classic silhouette features an allover embossed pattern using Maharishi house camouflage DPM: Bonsai Forest.

1 year ago

Fred Perry x G.H.BASS Loafers Return

When you bring together two icons of the fashion world, the result tends to be something truly special. Introducing G. H. Bass & Co.’s second collaboration with Fred Perry.

A triple Wimbledon champion, Fred Perry launched his fashion brand in the 1950s and the signature laurel wreath has been associated with style and quality ever since.


1 year ago

Mule or Penny? Choosing the perfect loafer for the Summer

When it comes to buying footwear for the summer season, the possibilities are vast. If you want something stylish and sophisticated yet comfortable and simple, G.H.BASS has a few options in mind.

We love what loafers bring in the summer months. We find they meld beautifully with summer attire for both men and women. They provide that perfect combination of smooth style and ample versatility.


2 years ago

Women’s loafers for the Summer Sun

Summer is coming, and finding that perfect shoe for the season is becoming a priority for many of us.

You want a shoe that aligns with your overall summer aesthetic. But it needs to offer the levels of comfort and grace suitable for summer wear.

2 years ago

The History of the Mule Loafer and why they’re back on trend

Some shoes acquire cult status because of who wears them. Shoes can quickly become synonymous with cult icons, rounding off an eye-catching outfit and completing a look of some standing.

Other shoes acquire such a legacy due to their design. It is their very essence and make up that helps them to stand out from the crowd and become immediately identifiable.


2 years ago