Crafting the original Penny Loafer

Crafting the original Penny Loafer

Quality and craftsmanship have been at the very core of G.H.BASS since the days of George Henry Bass, so it is without further ado that we’re shining a spotlight on the artistry that goes into creating the original and iconic Penny loafer.


Our classic moccasin leather is produced to create a soft, supple leather that is suitable for hand-sewing and, lends itself to the utmost comfort.

Starting with the outsole patterns, the leather is cut to the shape of the sole, whilst the sole is branded with the iconic Weejuns logo. Once the leather has been checked and approved, it’s time to cut the patterns for our classic tubular moccasin. With the pattern made up of four parts, the intricacy of this stage lies in hand-stitching to create the timeless and sophisticated design.

Meanwhile, the leather footbed is formed using a strip of leather on top of a foam footbed and finished with a gold foil embossed branded logo.


The counter and collar are machine stitched and attached to the last for hand-stitching, a crucial component for creating all Weejuns styles.

To ensure precise stitching, two needles are used to create the signature Penny “beef roll”, a classic aesthetic detail where the leather around the edge of the vamp is gathered to give the crimped appearance of its namesake.

Next, the branded leather outsole is attached by stitching through the upper and securing the sole to the shoe. The sole edge is then trimmed, stained and polished.


The last is removed so the process of finishing the upper can begin. For classic black styles, the leather is finished and polished. However, our mid brown and wine leather colourways will go through an antiquing process before they are finished and polished to achieve the end result that you know and admire.


Finally, the Weejuns go through a manual final quality inspection prior to being placed into their boxes alongside the shoe horn and brand card, ready to be shipped.


As we’ve said before, despite many imitations of the penny loafer - there’s only one Weejun. With a construction method that has truly stood the test of time, we’re proud to say that the Weejuns of today are made with the same care and craftsmanship of those created back in 1876.

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