Women’s loafers for the Summer Sun

Women’s loafers for the Summer Sun


Summer is coming, and finding that perfect shoe for the season is becoming a priority for many of us.

You want a shoe that aligns with your overall summer aesthetic. But it needs to offer the levels of comfort and grace suitable for summer wear.

G. H. Bass & Co. offers shoes for all seasons, but we feel our offering for the summer is especially strong. One particularly versatile shoe for women this summer is the loafer, and we have a fine range from which to choose.

Loafers and summer style

a woman holding a pair of wine Weejuns from G. H. Bass & Co.

Cute dresses and stylish shirts and t-shirts are great addition to any women’s summer wardrobe. So too are are ankle jeans and summer skirts. The beauty of the loafer in the summer time is that it offers the flexibility to meld seamlessly with most outfits.

A pair of loafers can quickly become your tried and trusted shoe for all summer occasions. The loafer is that perfect versatile footwear investment.

The anatomy of the women’s loafer

A pair of black leather Weejuns from G. H. Bass & Co.

What lies behind the versatility of the loafer? There are design factors that really support its flexibility across different outfits and styles.

Loafers wrap beautifully around the foot. They offer support and protection without being overly elaborate or busy in their design.

Particularly with leather loafers, this material supports deep and rich colour schemes. Black and brown leather offers a neutrality that allows other shades in your outfit to really blossom. Similarly if you select a brighter leather loafer, this can complement your summer outfit really well – particularly if it bears many neutral shades.

The loafer is also sleek and smooth by design. It melds well with the length and grace of the foot, bringing a sense of continuation with the body. This ability to align with the anatomy of the wearer is a particular positive for any fashion item, but especially footwear.

G.H. Bass & Co.’s collection of Women’s Loafers

The Hampton Lucille Slide black and white women’s loafer

Whether you are keen on a light shaded white women’s loafers, or darker black loafers for women, at G. H. Bass & Co. we have a loafer for you.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the ladies’ loafers we are able to provide for buyers, with a vast range available. Our women’s shoes have been developed over many years, branching out from the original Norwegian farm shoe made for lounging in the field. Though modernised, our women’s loafers continue to place emphasis on comfort and ease of wear.

Our selection of penny loafers for women epitomise this. With a timeless quality that unites modern tastes with classic style, a G. H. Bass & Co. penny loafer is a superb addition to any summer wardrobe.

The tassel loafer collection includes a vibrant twist on the loafer design in the form of the eponymous tassel. These suit exuberant summer styles, while out Hamptons are tailor-made for summer wear. These heelless classics allow for additional breathability, keeping wearers comfortable and feeling their best.

Other classic women’s loafers from G. H. Bass & Co. are our Bass Weejuns and Weejuns 90s. The latter are classic chunky loafer, while the former contain all the sleek sophistication you would expect from a G. H. Bass & Co. women’s shoe.

Shop this summer at G.H. Bass & Co.

A woman wearing a pair of wine coloured women’s loafers outdoors in the sun

This has hopefully set some ideas in motion when it comes to finding that perfect shoe for the summer sun. Our women’s loafers are expertly crafted and available in a host of designs and colours.

Take the time to find your perfect women’s loafer for the summer. You can shop today, and take a look at our delivery options too.

We are also happy to offer our advice and insight. You can use our Live Chat facility, or take a look through our Customer Service page and get in touch.

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