Why Suede Loafers are a natural fit this autumn

Why Suede Loafers are a natural fit this autumn

As the weather cools, you might be thinking about a new footwear choice for the autumn season. While the softness and comfort of all the shoes we make and sell at G.H. Bass & Co make them an ideal choice year-round, there is a particular fabric which really shines in the Autumn season.

Suede’s ability to retain heat while looking smooth and stylish makes it a natural choice for this time of year. Often thinner than leather, suede is breathable as well as warm. This makes it the perfect selection for the UK’s unpredictable autumns, where rain, wind and sun can come and go from day-to-day.

The Charm of Suede

There is something about men’s suede shoes that makes this fabric immediately identifiable, eye-catching and all-around iconic.

The classic suede loafer combines a relaxed feel with a formal twist, indicating a man who is comfortable in their look and able to purvey a sense of style and class.

Suede shoes have long been a classic of the genre, with this type of men’s shoe making appearances in music, cinema and classic television for generations.

Pairing Suede Shoes

Suede shoes or boots pair wonderfully with a smart-casual trouser, such as chinos. On brighter days, they can pair with invisible socks for a style which really shows off the elegant fabric of your shoes.

If your workwear is a smart suit or shirt, suedes in a dark brown or black can offer a softer take on traditional work footwear, while maintaining a classic aesthetic which is sure to make an impression.

Ultimately, suede shoes are a flexible and adaptable option, allowing you to mix and match and wear these shoes in various circumstances and scenarios this autumn.

Making your suede last

When properly cared for, Suede shoes can stay vibrant and clean for years. To repel dirt and liquids, we recommend investing in a protector spray which should greatly reduce the need to clean your suede shoes. As the weather cools into winter, you should try to apply the spray more often, to prevent the fabric drying and cracking in the cooler dry conditions.

When cleaning suede, always be sure to brush gently, and only in the same direction of the suede fibres. Brushing in circles or back-and-forth may damage the suede. Suede can be damaged by chemical cleaners, so be sure to avoid these, even when dealing with wet-stains.

While suede can handle light rain and damp, if they become soaked you should fill with newspaper and leave to dry in a warm place.

If you want to treat your suede shoes with the utmost care, you could always consider having your shoes professionally cleaned.

Suede Loafers from G.H. Bass & Co

G.H. Bass & Co has a long, celebrated history of designing and manufacturing stylish men’s shoes. Our Weejuns design is what we are most associated with, combining a relaxing feel with a stylish formal twist. The Weejuns are how we made our name, but we’ve come a long way since our establishment in 1876, and suede is one of the many fabrics we have embraced in the fullest way.

You can pick up suede penny loafers, black suede loafers and brown suede loafers from our online store. There is also a selection of leather and suede loafers available from G.H. Bass & Co.

Be sure to take the time to browse through the full G.H. Bass & Co range of men’s shoes.

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