It’s common knowledge that Paris is the true capital of style and fashion. So, getting the seal of approval from Rudy Lauer, the Parisian Man (@theparisianman), was, of course, top of our list. Rudy is one of Instagram’s favourite lifestyle and male grooming bloggers and labels his style as elegant, nonchalant and a little bit cheeky. Mixing the looks of James Dean, Cary Grant and Tom Ford, he really is the embodiment of classic style. That’s why we sat down with him to get the inside information on what it’s like to be a fashion influencer.

How did you get started on Instagram?

I have always been attracted to men’s fashion – since my earliest childhood, I loved clothes and collected all the labels. My love for fashion has only grown, and I now love mixing fabrics, styles. It was this that led me to start my Instagram in 2011, just to share the clothes I like and my favourite outfits. This is how the Instagram story began!

What do you think has been the key to your success?

Sincerity goes a long way with my community and I’m always genuine. This isn’t always easy to manage now that I work contractually with brands, as I lose some of my natural expression. But, my fans can rest assured that I never present or promote anything that doesn’t echo my philosophy and approach to life. I also think that breaking down the barriers has made my account as popular as it is – the fact that I share everything I have to share and welcome people to look at what I wear is why people love my Instagram! The key to my success all comes down to the fact that I love to be both inspirational and entertaining.

Do you have top tips for aspiring fashion influencers?

My number one rule, is never copy. Find your own style and embrace it! Like I said before, be sincere. Taking risks is a great idea, but always in moderation, keeping in line with the same editorial style. For my part, I always try to stay stylish and classic, even with my streetwear looks. The Instagram community loves to be surprised, so play with your style and vary your backgrounds; don’t hesitate to shoot different styles in different locations; fashion and travel go hand in hand on social media.

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What are your AW17 wardrobe essentials?

This AW17 season, I’m really into coats – I have them in all colours and fabrics! But I’ve really got my eye on wool coats. They’re so easy to incorporate into a casual-chic look or a streetwear outfit. Men’s shoes are also coming back in a big way and a classic, statement shoe is a must-have accessory for winter. As a finishing touch to my outfits, I love thick and oversized scarves, which add a little bit of a twist.

How did you discover G.H. Bass & Co.?

On Instagram! Where else? I immediately loved the brand style, the models you use and the choice of colours. The Instagram immediately showed me that G.H. Bass & Co. embodies the same things as my style; each design is masculine, contemporary, sophisticated and chic all with a unique twist!

Do you have an everyday Bass favourite?

Yes! I love the Weejuns Cup Larson Penny Loafer in the wine colour. In fact, I’m obsessed with them. I wear my pair almost year-round. They’re impressively comfortable to wear and I love the quirky colour. They’re also so easy to pair with whatever outfit I choose!

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