From his work with some of the world's biggest design houses and fashion brands to launching his own capsule collection for King & Tuckfield, Richard Biedul is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable faces in men's fashion right now.

We caught up with Richard to talk style inspiration, breaking the rules and white socks with shoes.

What does a day in your life look like?

To be honest; more often than not...very mundane! When I’m at home in London (and not working), I tend to get up around 7am, have breakfast, walk my dog (a miniature daschund called Vinnie) and then go to the gym. Working in the creative industry means that no two days are ever the same. Work options can confirm and change so quickly and with such frequently that quite often I will wake up in one country and go to bed in another. I’ve learnt that the only thing you can expect in this business is the unexpected!

How do you pick your shoes for your working day?

For me, whether or not it’s a working day, I will always try to choose a shoe that compliments what I’m wearing. More often than not, that means something that will flatter the (sharp or soft) lines or my tailoring: low profile, minimally invasive terms of shape and contrasting in colour or with a subtle texture.

I know traditionalists will say there are hard and fast rules that should never be broken when it comes to choosing footwear to accompany your clothing. However, I’ve never really been one to adhere to these. For example; this season, I’m wearing a lot of pastel and earthy tones and we are repeatedly told that these colours should never be paired with black shoes. But personally I would always opt for a contrasting black shoe over one that is similar in colour to your clothing.

Before I forget, just to add to the list of faux pas I’m probably making in the eyes of the establishment, I am also quite partial to wearing a white sock with my shoes...

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Describe your approach to your personal style.

I like to reference the past whilst simultaneously embracing the present. I'm a huge fan of classic tailoring, but my approach isn’t always what you might call “traditional”. I often juxtapose the formality a suit with softer more contemporary accessories such as baseball caps, beanie hats and sneakers. In terms of colour, texture and tone, I’m slightly more conservative. I tend to stick to one core colour, rather than mixing and matching, whilst integrating different textures and tones throughout to add richness and depth.




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Where do you take style inspiration?

Anywhere from Savile Row to the skatepark...

What do you look for in the perfect shoe?

Subtle elegance.


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