If there’s one thing we love, it’s true style that crosses borders and pushes boundaries. That’s why we’re long-time friends with Outlanders’ Galih Richardson. Outlanders is all about amalgamating east and west in one succinct style as well as telling stories through exploration and inspiration. Galih, a self-described hat aficionado and designer, is a Content Creative, and writer for Outlanders, as well as being a musician himself. A favourite here at G.H. Bass & Co., we asked Galih a few questions about his style and his inspiration.

What do you love about Outlanders?

The story is in the name, We Are Outlanders.  We are a family, all with Asian heritage, all obsessed by detail, character and good food!  We identify as a collective, but individually we are polar-opposites – in the best way possible.  The best thing about Outlanders is how we inspire each other to do more, to challenge aesthetic and bring content out of the basic to marry it with the obsessive qualities of art.

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How do you combine the two cultural influences of your heritage?

I like to wear silhouettes that are bespoke but casual.  I’ll never wear sportswear properly, which is honest to my Indonesian heritage and my London rock and roll past and comfort is key for me when choosing what to wear.  Baggy doesn’t necessarily have to be slack and tight doesn’t have to be restricting.  Use a tailor to fit garments to you.  Make everything yours.  Being from two countries, means you don't belong anywhere, so I dress with that in mind, mixing Indonesia’s history of pattern with the UK’s history of handmade textiles whenever I can.

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Where do you draw inspiration from, for your music, your fashion and creative content?

I like to look and listen.  So much is hidden in the silent moments we spend with ourselves.  The one thing that no one sees nowadays (in a world where people are always presenting their perfect selves) is the process.  I find that the process of creating brings up surprises.  I think my creativity stems from letting those surprises lead the creative process in music, in fashion and in the content I create.

Have you always been interested in fashion and style?

My mother had a lot of style and my father didn’t (sorry dad), so I had a strong female fashion role model to look up to growing up.  It made me see my body shape for what it was and to dress for the way I look instead of copying how everybody else dresses at any given time.  My wardrobe is 60% women’s wear because I’m a women’s size 12.  Clothes should be worn because they fit, not what gender they’re made for.

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What are your favourite fashion destinations?

The vintage shops in Amsterdam are incredible.  I spend a lot of time archiving hats I find at boot sales around London and Beak Street is just a fun place to hang out – especially with G.H. Bass & Co. and Moscot side by side!

How did you discover G.H. Bass & Co.?

I fell in love with the Quail Hunters and had to get a pair, which have since been eaten by foxes (who knew that could happen!), and my relationship with the brand has spiraled from there.  ‘Heritage’ is a key word when I think of fashion.  Designing hats, I look at old companies for technique and craftsmanship.  So, for shoes I look to companies with heritage and history in their trade - G.H. Bass & Co. have that for me.

What is your favourite pair of G.H. Bass & Co. shoes

I’ve recently got a pair of the Duxbury Black Boots and they have been my pride and joy for a while now.  I love every detail, especially the white stitching on black leather.

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Find out more about Galih on his Instagram. You can also follow Outlanders here or discover their content on their website.