We’re great believers in individuality at G.H. Bass & Co., which is why, when we came across Anastasiya Levashova’s hand painted illustrations, we knew we had to have her in. Anastasiya has been a live illustrator since 2012 and worked with a portfolio of lifestyle brands to create bespoke products with a personal, hand painted touch. We invited Anastasiya to showcase her work at one of our recent store events, by personalising our very own loafers, and caught up with her after to discuss the inspiration behind her art, and how creativity influences her own style.

Anastasiya illustrating G.H. Bass & Co. loafers at an in-store event

  1. Tell us your earliest memory of getting creative.

I was surrounded by art from a very early age and have been painting ever since I can remember. As a child I could spend hours sitting in my room sketching; my parents were always surprised by how patient I was.

Before coming to the UK, I studied at the art academy in Ukraine for seven years and it was there that I developed my creative skills and enthusiasm for art and design. 

  1. What are the main influences behind your art?

As a child I loved books with detailed illustrations. I remember looking at the drawings and not understanding how these beautiful pictures were made or who made them; I just couldn’t imagine at that time that there were people called illustrators and that their job was to paint!

I have been following my favourite artists’ work through the years, their paintings and success gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation to become successful in my chosen career. It’s not only artists that inspire me, but also architects, scientists and fortune-tellers. I enjoy reading biographies; different life stories and journeys have always inspired me, especially those with a bit of mystery.

Anastasiya's illustration of a fortune teller

  1. What do you think has been the key to your success as an artist?

After I graduated from university with a degree in arts, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to find a job or clients at first. I was very sceptical about becoming a full-time illustrator, thinking at some point that it was never going to work for me and just wanted to give up so many times. But I told myself that if I already have a degree in arts, I need to make it work so being stubborn has helped me. 

  1. How does your creativity and passion for art influence your personal style?

It’s interesting that in art there are so many colours I love - bright blues and yellows, crazy colour combinations – but, when buying new clothes, I’ve always preferred simplicity in muted, monotone colours.

Although I do love all the weird jewellery and accessories I can find, and really appreciate everything that is made by hand.Anastasiya illustrating leaves

  1. What are your wardrobe essentials for the summer months?

    Denim shorts, a jacket (as you can never trust summer in London) and very comfortable shoes.

As an illustrator, I spend most of my time sitting at my desk in the studio. Whenever I am free from work, I cannot sit down and need to walk. I love travelling or just going for a walk in the park or forest next to my house, so having a comfortable pair of shoes is very important and essential, any season of the year.  

  1. If you were a G.H. Bass & Co. loafer, which would you be and why? 

I would be the Weejuns penny slides in silver because, despite its simplicity, it has its own secrets. I own a pair and love that these loafers are silver. Any shade of silver creates the impression of illusion and mystery; it unleashes our virtues, a penchant for fantasy and allows us to be someone else.

Anastasiya's own personalised penny slide loafers

You can find more of Anastasiya’s work over on her Instagram account.

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