Mule or Penny? Choosing the perfect loafer for the Summer

Mule or Penny? Choosing the perfect loafer for the Summer

A woman wearing penny loafers in a cosmopolitan setting

When it comes to buying footwear for the summer season, the possibilities are vast. If you want something stylish and sophisticated yet comfortable and simple, G. H. Bass & Co. has a few options in mind.

We love what loafers bring in the summer months. We find they meld beautifully with summer attire for both men and women. They provide that perfect combination of smooth style and ample versatility.

The Penny Loafer and the Mule Loafer are similar in many ways. Both are popular choices, particularly when the temperatures rise.

In our latest blog, we wanted to explore and explain the differences between these two popular types of loafer.

What are Penny Loafers?

Black Leather Easy Weejun Penny Loafers from G. H. Bass & Co.

The penny loafer is a concept intertwined with the very history and essence of G. H. Bass & Co. Way back in 1936, G. H. Bass & Co. put their own spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for ‘loafing in the field.’ Named ‘Weejuns’, these essentially became the world’s first penny loafer.

The penny loafer retains this relaxing sentiment to this day, offering casual and smart shoe designs that have been at the heart of popular culture for generations.

The G. H. Bass & Co. collection of penny loafers for women features a fantastic assortment of designs that span the full smart/casual spectrum.

We have black leather penny loafers that work wonderfully with smarter summer outfits, as do our wine leather and cognac leather alternatives.

A cool twist on this type of shoe is our love heart designs, seen on our Weejuns Penny Love Black & Silver for example. 

A pair of snakeskin textured leather Weejun Penn loafers

We also offer beautiful white leather penny loafers, red penny loafers, peach penny loafers and even snakeskin penny loafers to choose from.

Ultimately G. H. Bass & Co.’s penny loafers are a broad and simple summer shoe range. In fact, these shoes can be worn year-round with no issue, but they are particularly suited to the outfits of the summer.

What are Mule Loafers?

A pair of black leather weejun penny loafers from G. H. Bass & Co.

Mule loafers are a nice variation on the classic penny loafer. They essentially are ‘backless’ in their design, lacking the full heel of other penny loafers.

The term mule stems from a French word describing a backless shoe. The style is popular in the summertime, giving wearers extra breathability and comfort.

At G. H. Bass & Co., we have Weejuns Penny Slide Mule Black Leather shoes for women available to buy this summer. Perfect slip-on choices, these shoes come in black brushed leather and have hand-stitched seams in black waxed thread. They work really well with ankle jeans and ankle trousers, as well as long skirts.

What to choose this summer

A woman modelling penny loafers from G. H. Bass & Co.

Both penny loafers and mule loafers have a number of benefits – namely comfort, style and versatility. The difference essentially boils down to two things in our opinion – context and personal preference.

If you are looking for a summer shoe you can wear to the office or to more formal occasions and locations, then penny loafers fit the bill.

If however you want a stylish shoe suited for more casual wear and that allows your foot to breathe that bit better, the mule loafer can work perfectly for you.

It all boils down to your own feelings. But at G. H. Bass & Co., we have the kind of range that makes it easy to find that ideal shoe for you.

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