The History of the Mule Loafer and why they’re back on trend

The History of the Mule Loafer and why they’re back on trend

Some shoes acquire cult status because of who wears them. Shoes can quickly become synonymous with cult icons, rounding off an eye-catching outfit and completing a look of some standing.

Other shoes acquire such a legacy due to their design. It is their very essence and make up that helps them to stand out from the crowd and become immediately identifiable.

The classic Mule Loafer falls into the latter category for sure. These are a staple of the footwear industry and today deliver the perfect combination of sophisticated style and punctual practicality.

Our latest blog takes a look at how the Mule Loafer became the shoe it did, and how you can add a pair to your collection.

What is the history of the Mule Loafer?

Knowing where things come from can help provide us with a deeper understanding of why things are the way they are and why they are important. This applies to many areas of our lives, but the fashion industry has a number of elements that bear a rich history and can help develop our understanding of what we are wearing.

The Mule Loafer is essentially a shoe that has no back or constraint around the heel of the foot, and shoes of this type have been worn for centuries. The term mule stems not from the animal as one may think, but from a type of shoe named ‘mulleus calceus’ which was worn by the Ancient Romans.

Though of a distinctly different design today, the term mule has long been associated with footwear that is stylish and elegant. Marie Antoinette for example sported a pair of silk mules that fetched no less than 43,000 Euros at auction back in 2012, and while mules have been featured in works of art by Edouard Manet and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

What about the modern Mule Loafers?

Today, the design of the Mule Loafer combines a formal feel with an almost carefree element with regards to the unsupported heel. These shoes therefore are perfect for any smart-casual outfit or modern workwear attire. They work fantastically with long skirts and trouser suits, making them ideal for formal occasions and professional situations.

These shoes also work beautifully with jeans and can easily be your go-to footwear for outfits that really allow you to feel good.

The colour of the Mule Loafer you choose also opens up new options for the wearer. Darker shades suit formal attire, while lighter shades suit summer wear and seasonal outfits that flourish when the sun is shining.

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