Classic penny loafer meets original hand-woven Harris Tweed for a new range of Weejuns that centres around tradition.

We’re excited to introduce you to the Harris Tweed Weejuns. Born out of a mutual admiration for craftsmanship, authenticity and quality, the Harris Tweed collection sees the iconic Weejuns penny loafer shape and hand-sewn leather shoe paired with a luxurious tweed cloth upper.


Just as there is only one original penny loafer, there can only be one authorised definition of the unmistakable Harris Tweed cloth. Produced and woven entirely by hand by inhabitants of the Scottish Outer Hebrides since time immemorial, the world’s only commercially produced handwoven tweed is protected by a parliamentary act to preserve its heritage, authenticity and reputation.



When two classics meet, an icon is born

The Harris Tweed Weejuns bring all the classic style of our original polished leather penny loafers, including an easy slip on design and in-built comfort, with the added character and luxury of the Harris Tweed cloth. Available in black, brown and mid-brown supple leather styles to enhance the hand-sewn detail and distinguished cloth, the collaboration marks a sartorial match made in heaven.


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