The All Weather Edit

The All Weather Edit

What defines style? It’s a question with multiple possible answers. Style is often based on specific tastes and preferences, but it’s something that we know we are in the presence of when we encounter it.

We would argue that style is about purveying a continuous high-quality aesthetic. Or, to put things a little bit more simply, looking good in all circumstances.

The British winter can pose something of a challenge to our sense of style – particularly when we want to align this with comfort too.

Changeable days are no surprise. Waking up with the sun shining before clouds, rain, wind and even snow setting in are little shock to any resident of the UK over the winter months.

In such a season, the items that can stand up to any conditions are the ones that quickly become your staples. Items you can trust and know can handle whatever the British wintertime will throw at them soon become your best friends.

At G.H. Bass & Co., there are shoes in our range that are really durable, versatile and strong choices for your winter shoe. Add to this the fact they look fantastic and you are quickly onto a winner. Let us talk you through what we have.

Weejun 90s for the Winter

Horse-bit Lincoln Weejuns versions of G.H. Bass Weejun 90s.

The Weejun 90s range at G.H. Bass & Co. is a consistently popular selection among our customers, partially because of the versatility and flexibility the design affords.

These are a tough contemporary shoe that are not a million miles off the classic Doc Martin in terms of their durability.

What differs them is their eminent style and light design. These are really comfortable shoes, and we believe our Weejun 90s are the ultimate autumn shoe and winter shoe – perfect for transitional seasons.

Their chunky sole helps to keep feet protected, dry and comfortable. They are arguably among our most industrious designs, moving away from the preppy aesthetic towards a solid and stylistic look of confidence and quality.

Black Weejun 90s for men

The Weejun 90s can without doubt be worn in more inclement weather conditions, working well with jeans and forming part of a cool winter look.

The Weejun 90s is also a shoe that is popular with male and female customers, and we have subtly different designs for each. We see them increasingly being tagged on our social media page, and people have been taking to the Weejun 90s with aplomb in the latter part of the year.

These shoes can be the perfect smart casual option, making them suitable for when we may be going back to work.

You can browse through all our men’s and women’s Weejun 90s and find the ideal design for your personal preference with ease. Whether brown leather or black leather is your preference, if you are entranced by the suede Weejun 90 or like the look of the wine and tan version, it is easy to find a shoe befitting your aesthetic at G.H. Bass & Co.

Winter Boots

G.H. Bass & Co. boot for outdoorwear

G.H. Bass & Co. has a long and celebrated history of making work boots. As we have modernised, we’ve looked to tailor this expertise to create boots that align fashion with durability and practicality.

Included in our men’s range is a series of expertly crafted boots and outdoors shoes that are a consistently common choice when it comes to people seeking winter footwear. Ideal for being out and about, or for complementing that smart casual aesthetic you are looking to garner, these are swish and sophisticated designs of the highest order.

Items like our Camp Moc Rangers come in gorgeous shades of tan and black, while we also offer super stylish suede boots for men within this range.

These are versatile and durable, making for a strong outdoor shoe selection across the winter season.

Finding your all-weather shoe

We hope the ranges and products we have highlighted in this blog have provided some ideas as to the kind of winter shoe you can choose from the G.H. Bass & Co. collection.

Our range is broad and diverse, so be sure to take a look through the full assortment of women’s and men’s shoes from G.H. Bass & Co.

Be sure too to take a look through our delivery and returns information, and if you have any questions, simply say hello to the team at G.H. Bass & Co. who will be happy to help.

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